Meditations on the Brighid’s Cross Symbol


The fire gives blessings from the center, the heart, to the edge, in all directions. We see this on a cosmic scale, from the sun at the center of the solar system blessing our land with life, to the molten fire at the center of the earth supporting all beings here, to the forge, the center and heart of the tribe which allows the people to make a living and defend themselves, to the hearth fire, which sustains the family with warmth, food, and medicine, to the sacred temple and ritual fire, which sustains the people spiritually. The microcosm is then the energy and action of our own human hearts which sustains our bodies…….all these fires radiating out from the center/heart to the edge of where the light and warmth of the fire extend.

I see this illustrated in the Brighid’s cross, with any and all of these fires in its center, radiating out its/their blessings in all directions, from center to edge, from heart to all. In reverse, this becomes a symbol of hospitality, of seeing anyone who comes into my space, literally or figuratively, as approaching my spiritual/emotional heart/hearth, as I may then welcome them warmly into my space, from all directions as they may come, to extend to them the hospitality and warmth of my soul and being.

Another literal and figurative heart center is the well or spring, welling up from the heart of the land, and flowing across it, blessing the land and all its beings with life. In this way I might view the center of the cross as a still pool, and my actions as ripples which circle out from that heart to touch all beings, from center to the edge, and so be mindful to make my actions and words those which might bless all beings and support life and wholeness, which is healing in itself.

I keep these meditations in mind when I wear the Brighid’s cross, and have taken to wearing it more regularly, almost daily, because I love the idea of carrying that welcoming flame and healing well with me, and becoming an extension of them myself, and in turn, and extension of Her spirit, bringing Her blessings into the world, which I believe is what we primarily do as Her flametenders.

Brìde Bless.


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