Three Fires, Three Sisters


Cormac’s glossary from 10th century Ireland describes Brigit as three divine sisters, one a healer, one a poet, and one a smith.  These have been artistically depicted in modern times as three women standing together, one beside a forge, one beside a cauldron, and one holding flame in her hands.  Later, the saint was equated with the sun in 11th century Irish poetry.  Each aspect of the image then evokes a correspondence between each sister and the fire which accompanies her.

The fire in the center of the earth that is the spark of earthly vitality corresponds with Brìde the Smith, being the inner earth of metal ore, and the earthly forge of the fiery core. The green mantle of plant growth corresponds with Brìde the Healer, working with the green herbs for food and medicine at the hearth fire on the land. The sun of the heavens is the ethereal light which we cannot touch or hold and corresponds with Brìde the Poet, as the intangible light of inspiration, the great light which inspires all life on earth to thrive.

The image above of the three sisters of Brigid is by artist Miranda Gray.


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