Flametending Reflection

I felt Brìde’s Living Flame internalize deeply and profoundly within me during my most recent flametending vigil.  While this inner flame during non-flametending days has felt to me like a personal hearth fire inside my heart space from which I might extend personal hospitality to others with whom I come into contact, during this flametending vigil it felt instead like an inner cathedral within me, like a quiet, holy, contemplative space where Her Living Flame silently burned. I was intrigued by the contrast between carrying a daily internal hearth fire vs carrying an internal temple fire on vigil-tending days. It was very easy over my vigil for me to pause and move into a momentary meditative space throughout the day.

I felt graced, blessed, centered, uplifted, moved into a realm of purpose and meaning–then transformed into graceful, blessed purpose and meaning, as the meditative space is not just a special place for myself to move into, but a vital place from which I must move out into the wider world around me.  I am finding it easier now to move into this internal space at random moments, even after my vigil has ended.  The challenge now, beyond becoming ever-more proficient at this, is to practice moving out into the world from this contemplative space, in my daily words and actions.  May Brìde continue to walk with and guide me in my growth.

Brìde Bless.


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