A Healing Goddess

Brìde is known as a healing goddess through one of Her guises as the Irish goddess of leechcraft.  Healing, though, can be viewed and understood in many ways and on multiple levels.

Healing isn’t only curing illness, recovering from trauma, or resolving wounds. It is also about ongoing regeneration, about supporting and nourishing life each moment, in every way, and offering up that light as spiritual triage to a traumatized world, effected by real acts of personal compassion and social activism. Healing is about aligning oneself with the Powers so as to harmonize with their Beingnesses, to bring our isnesses into convergence with Theirs.  That way we ground those isnesses into our own actions and behaviors, rather than endlessly reacting from our own disconnected egos as though only our own agendas mattered, and bring a wider and deeper vision to the world.

We perpetrate a good deal of damage as a species, and so this is a kind of healing that is therefore necessary. Brìde reminds us that we are here to take care of each other, each other meaning, all species and forms of life.  Presently, however, we are failing, because we can’t seem to get over ourselves and our personal agendas.  When our focus is heavily self-absorbed, we remain disconnected from our fellow beings, and from the nourishing life-force Brìde expresses.

Healing takes work, initially within ourselves.  After that, the healing doesn’t end– we are then morally obligated to bring that healing to the world outside of ourselves, by giving up some of our ego in order to hear and understand the ways of the Powers, so we might enact those ways ourselves, which helps bring healing to the world. This work supports and nourishes all life.  Ultimately we are obligated to all of life through our relationships of reciprocity necessitated by having to all make a living together on this shared and finite planet.  As all beings have a right to their unique form of existence, we must forge relationships which allow each and all of us a viable way to live as we each do, as we each need.

Seeking to understand and practice such modes of relating is the way of peace– and active mode which is not simply the passive avoidance of war.  Living such a way of peace is the greatest and highest healing work we can enact in the world today, for the benefit of all living things, in service to Life itself.


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