Creating Space for your Imbolc Advent

The advent consists of lighting candles, inspirational readings, singing a traditional Irish song about Brighid, making offerings, reciting prayers, requesting blessings, sitting in silent meditation, and journaling after.

Prepare your advent space by setting up four candles in a circle, cross, or semi-circle format, with a fifth candle in the center.  Include an icon, image, or statue of Brighid if you have one, and also a dish, bowl, or cup for receiving an offering of some dairy product- milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, etc.

On the first Sunday, you will be instructed to light one candle, with a kindling prayer, to open the ceremony.  On the second Sunday, you will light both the first and second candles, proceeding sunwise around your formation.  On the third Sunday, you will light three candles, and on the fourth Sunday, all four candles will be lit.  In Imbolc morn, you will light these four, plus the fifth central candle.

Have a journal and pen nearby to record impressions, insights, and inspirations received from the silent meditation, and to record any further thoughts which come up over the week between ceremonies.

If you have an in-person or Brighidine community, it is highly recommended that you share your impressions with each other if you are comfortable doing so, to encourage one another, and share this event with our wider spiritual communities.

You may wish include other items of interest or relevance in the advent space, such as blessed water, a well representation, related imagery, Brighid’s crosses, etc.

I’m looking forward to sharing the First Sunday ceremony with you all tomorrow.  Brìde Bless!


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