Imbolc Advent ~ Third Sunday

Opening for Third Sunday ~

Begin this third Sunday by lighting your first and second candles which you lit last Sunday, and your third candle, going around sunwise.

Recite this Flame Lighting Prayer ~

Brìde, Excellent, Exalted One,
Bright, golden, quickening flame ~
Shine Your blessings on us from the Otherworld,
You, Radiant Fire of the Sun.


Inspirational Reading & Song ~


Brìde of the mantles, Brìde of the peat-heap, Brìde of the twining hair, Brìde of the augury,
Brìde of the white feet, Brìde of the calmness, Brìde of the white palms, Brìde of the kine,
Brìde, anam chara, Brìde of the peat-heap, Brìde, maker of song, Brìde, foster-mother.
Each day and each night I recite the Praises of Brìde,
I shall not be slain, I shall not be wounded, I shall not be put in cell, I shall not be despoiled, I shall not be down-trodden, I shall not be rent, nor will the Shining Ones leave me forgotten.
Nor sun shall burn me, nor fire shall burn me, nor beam shall burn me, nor moon shall burn me.
Nor river shall drown me, nor brine shall drown me, nor flood shall drown me, nor water shall drown me.
Nightmare shall not lie on me, black sleep shall not lie on me, spell-sleep shall not lie on me, sleeplessness shall not lie on me.
I am under the shielding of good Brìde each day; I am under the shielding of good Brìde each night.
I am under the keeping of my foster-mother; my companion beloved is Brìde.

~ adapted from the prayer Praises of Brìde in the Carmina Gadelica, Vol III by Alexander Carmichael



CHAR Bride mach
Maduinn mhoch,
Le caraid each;
Bhris each a chas,
Le uinich och,
Bha sid mu seach,
Chuir i cnamh ri cnamh,
Chuir i feoil ri feoil,
Chuir i feithe ri feithe,
Chuir i cuisle ri cuisle;
Mar a leighis ise sin
Gun leighis mise seo.

BRIDE went out
In the morning early,
With a pair of horses;
One broke his leg,
With much ado,
That was apart,
She put bone to bone,
She put flesh to flesh,
She put sinew to sinew,
She put vein to vein;
As she healed that
May I heal this.

From the Carmina Gadelica, Vol II, compiled by Alexander Carmichael,


Listen to, and try to use the given lyrics and pronunciation key to sing along with, a traditional song for Brìde, Gabhaim Molta Brìghde:


Recitation of relevant passage of the Four Fires of Brìde prayer ~

“Brighid, my hearth is on fire for you-
Kindle thou my restoration, as you gently do.”

This aspect of Brìde speaks to Her role as Healer, and the keeper of health. As the hearth fire provides the heat for boiling water and infusing healing herbs for the body, so our own inner Cauldron of Warming, the energy center in our pelvic region, is the hearth fire and boiler of our bodies, energetically powering our vitality and health. Through connecting with this inner fire of ours, we can tap into Brìde’s restorative, healing power within our bodies, just as the fire at the center of the earth powers the planet.


Meditation & Journaling ~

The hearth fire is also a place of welcoming, inviting people to gather around for warmth, food, comfort, and company, serving as an icon of hospitality. Similarly, the company and warmth we extend to others is a form of personal hospitality, providing another source of comfort. This Sunday, consider how you can bring healing and hospitality to those around you, and how you can deepen these qualities within yourself.

Close your eyes and take three cleansing breaths, breathing space into yourself, and sinking into yourself as you exhale.

Hold up a plate of cheese, bowl of yogurt, or cup of milk as offering for Brìde:

“Brìde, Giver of Light and Life, I offer You this gift of nourishment in gratitude and joy for all Your many blessings.

“Victorious Brigit,
Glory of kindred,
Queen of Summer,
Noble lady,
Perilous oath,
Far-flung flame.
She of the high heavens,
Gaeldom’s foster-mother,
Support of strangers,
Spark of wisdom,
Daughter of an Daghda,
High-minded lady,
Victorious Brigit,
The living one of life.”

~ adapted from In Praise of Brigit, from the Old Irish

Warm your hands over the lit flame, imagining her energy and power collecting in them, and then place them over your pelvic region, just below your navel, cupping your Cauldron of Warming, and blessing your seat of inner health and hospitality with her light—

“Brighid, may your heat and vitality ignite my Cauldron of Warming. May my inner fire be ever stoked by your gentle hand, and may health and well-being radiate from within me like a steady flame, restoring me to balance when my reserves run low. May I also be mindful of extending this inner warmth to others, inviting those with whom I engage into the hospitality of supportive and comforting conviviality.

“I come here today to honor Your gifts of healing and hospitality. I pray You might inspire and inform me, guide me and show me how I might best use them to bring Your Light into the world. How would you like me to keep Your Living Flame alight?”

Make yourself like an earthen temple of the Sun, directed towards and welcoming within its rays of light and illumination. Sit and allow Brìde’s light to work within you, to guide and inspire you. You might hum or play the song above to aid your meditation. If your attention wanders, recite or repeat the word, ‘welcome,’ or fàilte,’ in the Gaelic.

When you feel you have received some kind of guidance, insight, or inspiration, close the meditation with thanks—

“Brìde, Constant Companion and Maker of Song, I thank you for your guidance, inspiration, and insight. May Your Flame remain with me, lighting my way, and blessing my work. May I remain ever open to your signs and whispers. Mar a bha, mar a tha, mar a bhitheas gu brath.”

Release the meditation with this recitation and breath, three times—
“The fire is in the temple, (breath in)
The light shines forth.” (breathe out)

Journal the signs, insights, and inspirations received, and share them with your Brighidine community if you like, along with any plans you have for manifesting them. Watch and listen over the week for further guidance which may come, and journal that, also. Lastly, consider and journal how you engage with the concepts of healing and hospitality, how you express them in your life, how you can become more aware of them as aspects of supporting all life, and how you can better support all life yourself in the coming year.

Brìde Bless!



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