Attunement Prayer


In my journey with Contemplative Brighidine Mysticism, I am inspired by other traditions and paths which have already-established forms and practices.  Lately, I am inspired by Lady Olivia Robertson, the deceased founder and high priestess of the Fellowship of Isis.  She wrote an attunement prayer to Isis for FOI practitioners to recite at given times to attune to both Isis and one another as a far-flung spiritual community in communion with their goddess.  Based on her form and concept, I offer this attunement prayer to Brighidine devotees everywhere wishing to both commune with Brìde’s Light and connect from a distance with one another.

I myself recite this prayer around 6am on weekday (M – F) mornings in my Pacific Standard Time zone (UTC – 8), if you’d like to connect with me, and at variable times on weekend mornings.  Ideally this might be done before a Brìde shrine with time for meditation and contemplation to follow.  Myself, I light my candle at my hearth shrine beside my stove as I boil water for my morning tea, follow it with a rotating daily prayer (more to come about these!), and spend my breakfast time in contemplation of the daily prayer’s themes, as this is what these busy mornings allow me.  On slower weekend mornings, I sit before my bedroom Brìde shrine and take time to quietly commune.

These moments of contemplation and communion are then concluded with a closing prayer which is a fragment of Gaelic prayer found in the Carmina Gadelica, another source of inspiration for me as I wend my way along this journey.  This fragment I find to be a lovely prayer in and of itself, invoking both the timelessness of the Otherworld as the Ground of Being for all life, and Otherworldly awareness of such attunement and offering and contemplative being as existing in timeless space, and so ever-present, ever-informing, and ever-inspiring, as the Ground of the Timeless Journey.

Feel free to note below in your comments if you are inspired to take up this prayer and practice, and whether you are attuning with me during my prayer time, or if you will be praying in your time zone at another time during which other devotees might spiritually connect as a contemplative Brighidine community.  I would love to keep my fellow devotees in my mind and heart as I pray and commune.  Brìde Bless!

Attunement Prayer

Holy goddess Brìde (BREE-zhuh),

Mother of all Life,

Kindle Thy Flame in our hearts.

Grant us, Thy children,

Love and joy, wisdom and peace.

We offer Thee our loving care for

All Thy children, all our kin.


After your moments of contemplation and communion, conclude with this, and then extinguish your candle:

Closing Prayer

Mar a bha, (mahr ah VAH, meaning, as it was)

Mar a tha, (mahr ah HAH, meaning, as it is)

Mar a bhitheas gu bráth. (mahr ah VEES guh BRAH, meaning, as it shall be forever)


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