Imbolc Morn: Brighid’s Return


At last, after our spiritual journey through the advent, and our evening meditation and vigil at Her Sacred Well, we arise with Her Sun and know that She has returned, She is here, and we are blessed.

Welcome, Brigit,
Welcome over our threshold.
We welcome the wisdom and gifts that you bring for our use.

By offering blessing and grace to our daily lives,
help us manifest what our winter dreams have beckoned us to create.
Nourish the green shoots of our new lives.

by Jane Comerford,
from Seasoning the Soul, Images and reflections with a Celtic flavor to bless your year, collected and edited by Eileen Knoff, D.Min.

Gabhaim Molta Bríde!  All Praises to Brighid!

To mark Her return and presence, light now all four of your advent candles, and the central candle among them, Her candle, making manifest Her Light in your home.


With Her return and rebirth, we too are reborn to our True Selves, renewed in spirit, refreshed in our souls.  Today, at the moment of the return of Her Light, we will sit in Her Light and fill ourselves with Her illumination.

Seat yourself comfortably now, and light all four of your small candles.  Ring your bell and intone, “BREEEEEEE—-ZHUUUUUHHH.”

Speak aloud the opening attunment prayer:
“Holy goddess Brighid, Mother of all Life,  Kindle They Flame in our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Peace.
We offer Thee our loving care for all Thy children, all our Kin.”

Pour out the milk offerings to Her:
“Holy Brighid, Mother of all Life, as You nourish our souls with your cosmic elixir, we pour out sweet milk to you in honor and gratitude and love.”

We will begin by reading a poem by mystic Fiona MacLeod:

Brigit Speaks

I am older than Brigit of the Mantle,
I put songs and music on the wind
Before ever the bells of the chapels
Were rung in the West
Or heard in the East.

I am Brighid-nam-Bratta:  (Breezh nahm BRAHT-uh)
Brigit of the Mantle,
I am also Brighid-Muirghin-na-tuinne:  (Breezh MUHR-in nah TUH-nuh)
Brigit, Conception of the Waves,
And Brighid-sluagh,  (Breezh SLOO-uh)
Brigit of the Faery Host,
Brighid-nan-sitheachseang,  (Breezh nahn SHEE-uk-shong)
Brigit of the Slim Faery Folk,
Brigid-Binne-Bheule-  (Breezh BINN-uh VAY-luh yookt nahn TROOS-guh-nahn WAIN-yuh)
Brigit the Melodious Mouthed
Of the Tribe of the Green Mantles.

And I am older than Aone (Friday)  (AIN-uh)
And as old as Luan (Monday)  (LOO-uhn)

And in Tir-na-h’oige my name is  (Cheer na HOIK-yuh)
Suibhal: Mountain Traveler,
And in Tir-fo-thuinn, Country of the Waves,  (Cheer foh hine)
It is Cu-gorm: Gray Hound,  (coo GOHR-uhm)
And in Tir-na-h’oise,  (Cheer nah HOY-shuh)
Country of Ancient Years,
It is Sireadh-thall: Seek Beyond.  (SHEER-ee all)

And I have been a breath in your heart,
And the day has its feet to it
That will see me coming
Into the hearts of men and women
Like a flame upon dry grass,
Like a flame of wind in a great wood.


(Art: Holy Fire by Jennifer Bundey)

(pause for a deep breath in and out between stanzas):
Brìde, I honor You.
I offer up to You my whole self, both outer and inner-
My outer shell of a self, with its self-deceptions, vanities, conceits, and insecurities, like so much dried grass upon Your sacrificial fire,
So to clear the way to my inner self, my soul, and ready it to receive
Your Light, like a Flame of Wind in a great wood.

I thank You for Your Light in the world, that,
For Your devotees, is the Imbas, the Way, the Anam Chara, and the Illumination.
Your Way leads to the Source, to Your Sacred Spring of
Life and Renewal, of Wisdom and Healing.

As the Earthen Temple of the Sun welcomes the Returning Light, so
The Crystal Heart of my earthen body welcomes Your Eternal Flame.

Sit in Her Light:

Sit in silence, with eyes closed, for at least 20 minutes, welcoming the Light of Brìde into your heart center, where resides the crystal heart and it’s Living Flame you received in the preliminary meditation.  When the mind wanders away from experiencing and basking in this welcoming and receiving, bring it back to focus by mentally saying inwardly, Welcome, or Fáilte.  This can also be repeated with the breath as a mantra to maintain focus and awareness.

When the allotted time, or more if desired, has passed, open eyes gently, and take a deep breath in and out to bring focus back to the physical world.

Affirmation Prayer:
(recite silently or aloud, first part on an in-breath, second part on an out-breath, three times)
The Fire is in the Temple; the Light shines forth.

Healing Prayer for Others:
Brìde, may Your Mantle of Healing be upon….  (fill in with names and whatever details you like)

Closing Prayer: 
(anoint yourself as indicated with your Brighid-blessed water)

Wherever I go-
May I Be with All in the Light of Brìde, (anoint navel)
May I speak with All through the Heart of Brìde, (anoint heart center)
May I see and understand all with the Wisdom of Brìde. (anoint third eye)
Mar a bha, mar a tha, mar a bhitheas gu brath.  (mahr a vah, mahr a ha, mahr a VEE-uhs guh brah)
(As it was, as it is, as it evermore shall be.)


End your meditation with this traditional Irish song to Brighid, Gabhaim Molta Bríde.  This is the most beautiful version I have ever heard, by the magical Claire Roche.  Irish lyrics and English translation are on the page.

I have used this poem and meditation as a daily spiritual practice, to renew myself daily in Brighid’s healing, whole-ing Light.  Feel free to use and adapt for your daily practice.

Imbolc Blessings! Brighid Bless!


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