Imbolc Eve: Awaiting Brighid’s Return


(Art: Brighid Walks the Land, by Helena Nelson Reed)

On the eve of Imbolc, Brighid is said to walk the land, bringing blessings to all homes and hearths She visits.  Pagans will say She has emerged from the Otherworld beneath the land, or from inside a faery hill, while Christians will tell of the Saint coming down from Heaven on her white horse.  On this night, we are present as our goddess returns to us, as the earth turns beneath us.

Households welcoming Her return might leave out for her a dish of food and a glass of milk, and a bowl of oats for her horse beside a lit lantern.  To gather Her blessings for the coming year, one might also leave out a bowl of water to be blessed by the rays of her rising sun, to be saved for healing throughout the year.  Similarly, it is traditional to leave out a cloth of any fabric or size, called in Irish the brat Bríde, to also be saved for healing, placed on the body of one ailing or hurt.  Sometimes a ribbon was placed out instead, and especially used to heal headaches by tying around the head.  The cloth is a sympathetic representation of St. Brighid’s cloak, said to have healing properties, also called her mantle.  In the Primal Celtic worldview, the mantle might be said to be the green cloak of life spread over the land, nourishing all beings.

For this contemplative Imbolc eve observance, I’d like to share a very special meditation inspired by a personal vision with Brighid.

Find a special place, either on a porch, beside a window indoors, or perhaps on or near your home’s hearth  (fireplace or stove, as you have) to set out a plate of food, a dish of milk, and a bowl of water to be blessed.  Look around also for a cloth to leave there, which might be a handkerchief, a blanket, a washcloth, or even part of an old shirt; many objects were traditionally used as they were available.  Light a candle or lantern beside them, calling on Brighid:

Holy goddess Brighid, Mother of all Life, Kindle Thy Flame in our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Peace.
We offer Thee our loving care for all Thy children, all our Kin.

Call Brighid to you with this Song to Brighid by Lisa Thiel (lyrics are on the page):


(Statue by Jessica Galbraith)

In this space, or in another where you can meditate, make yourself comfortable now.

Center yourself with three deep breaths.  Draw into yourself with the first breath the supporting power of the Land beneath you; the encompassing power of the Sea surrounding you; and the illuminating power of the Sky above you.  Read slowly to yourself the following words, or record them earlier to listen to now:

See now in your mind’s eye a great field before you of tall, browned grass extending far from you, with a cool, green wood just beyond. You wish to reach that wood, to follow its path to its central clearing, so need to make your way first through the grass field. Looking down you see in your hand a long knife or machete, and use it to begin cutting grass to make a trail to the wood. As you go, you collect the grass and bring it with you. As you go, consider all your present interior impediments which keep your inner soul from growing and being nourished. Name them as you go– your vanities, conceits, insecurities, and self-deceptions. Keep moving forward……reaping and pondering…..cutting and collecting…..clearing away what blocks your path…..clearing a way forward to the cool green wood….until finally, you reach it, at the end of the long, wide field you’ve finally crossed.

At the edge of the wood, before the trail, is an altar dedicated to Brìde, upon which burns a sacrificial fire. Approach this fire respectfully, and with gratitude and reverence, place your bundle of dried grass on the fire, sacrificing these unneeded parts of yourself to Brìde. As they burn, feel space open up within your heart center, your soul. Breathe into that space as you watch the grass burn away.

Turn now and walk onto the path leading into the woods, feeling lighter. Follow the trail through the green trees, breathing in the scent of the wood, feeling the soft earth beneath your feet, the gentle breeze on your skin, and seeing the dappled sky above you through the leaves. The trail leads you to a clearing in which there is a spring, ringed by nine hazel trees. Reverentially make a sunwise turn around the trees and spring, then approach the spring through the trees, and sit down before it, gazing into its waters, seeing them bubble up from the heart of the land.

A glimmer in the spring catches your eye in the water below. Reach your hand down and bring it up in a closed palm. Opening your hand, you see in it a heart-shaped, clear, quartz crystal, shining like starlight, and giving off gentle heat like a soft flame. Bring the crystal up to your chest, and feel its warmth there. As it warms your skin, it slowly dissolves into your heart center, your soul space. Feel it glowing and radiating there. This heat and light gives you a peaceful feeling.

As you feel this, you notice a bright light begin to move overhead between the trees. Follow it with your eyes and see that as it stops above, in the break between the trees before you, it emanates from a star-like heart, above which is the gently-smiling face of Brìde Herself. See and feel the quality of this Light, Her Eternal Flame, as it radiates wholeness. Open your deep soul now, in welcoming hospitality, to receive Her Eternal Flame like a beam of sunlight into the crystal heart resting in your soul center.

Sit in silence now, welcoming in Her Light. Should your attention wander, or should it be useful to maintain your focus, you may silently utter once or repeatedly the simple word, “welcome,” or “fáilte,” in Irish and Gaelic.

To be filled with Her Light is to be filled with Her, as She radiates out from your being, from your soul center to your furthest edge. The crystal heart with you is charged by this Light and filled with Her flame, shining in response to its celestial star cousin, as the crystals and gems do in the heart of the earth, as stars of the land. This Flame and Light will stay with you, stored in this crystal, maintained with your awareness, even after you leave this place, Her Sacred Spring. Sit in silence with Her now, in this hospitality of the heart, and take in the wholeness, soul-deep healing, and unity Her Eternal Flame imparts…………………………………….

After a time, Her Light and face begin to fade and recede, passing along and away behind branches, til out of sight. You feel illuminated and blessed.

Allow this feeling of tranquility and blessing to resonate through your whole being, and when you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.

There is a saying in Ireland that we are all under the cloak of Brighid, all under the aegis of Her protection and blessing.  We will close our meditation this evening with a poem from Sara Jane Kingston as we together hold vigil for Brighid’s return.  If this card is hard to read here, you may follow this link to read online, and print and display on your Brighid shrine:


Faoi Brat Bhríde Sinn!
We are all under the Cloak of Brighid!


Imbolc: When to Celebrate?


(Art: Imbolc, Mary Dugan)

Now we’ve made our way through our forest walk, and honored Brighid at Her several shrines, the time is coming nigh to arrive at Her Sacred Well to welcome Her return to the Land.  We know this cosmic event and celebration as Imbolc.

So, when is the right time to celebrate?

There are several ways to respond to this question and approach determining which timing is best for each, where we each may be.

As Brighid hails from the Gaelic lands of Ireland and Scotland, one might align one’s celebration with the traditional Gaelic observance of Brighid’s Day which begins on the day’s eve, 31 January, and continues through the following day, 1 February.  Beginning celebrations on the eve prior to the day hearkens back to Celtic time-reckoning, in which days begin at sunset and are followed through to the next sunset.

As can be observed by viewing the art imagery above, Imbolc for the Gaelic people traditionally marks the slowly growing power of the sun and first lengthening of the days after solstice, hence the return of the first green growth seen on the land, which was able to support the over-wintered ewes. They were bred the year before so they’d be ready to birth at this time.  The fresh green growth allowed them to receive the nourishment they needed to produce milk for their babies, and so the Gaelic peoples were also able to enjoy fresh milk again.  The first snowdrops growing and blooming announced the season on the land as ewes began to give birth.

Later, the Catholic Church designated its feast of Candlemas near this time, on 2 February.  This was said to be the time when candles were not burned so prolifically as they had been since autumn fell, as the days were growing noticeably longer now.  Churches also dipped and consecrated their annual supply of candles at this time for the coming year.

The 20th-century Wiccan sacred calendar adopted the Gaelic feast of Imbolc, yet scheduled it using the timing of the Catholic Candlemas, even conflating the Christian name with the polytheistic holiday.  In the US, Groundhog Day became a popular observance for prognosticating the timing of the arrival of spring, further entrenching the timing of 2 February, on which it is observed.

Some prefer to wait for visible signs of green growth on the land itself, so they may ritualistically greet Brighid’s return when it is apparent.  Others claim the solar strength is universal and not dependent upon regional terrestrial manifestations, so is a better marker for the day.

And of course, many Brighid devotees and members of pagan religions honoring the Neopagan Wheel of the Year reside in the southern hemisphere, where late January and early February are not evidencing new growth at all, or seeing Brighid’s return to the land, but are instead seeing the fullness of the Harvest season at Lughnasadh, being on their own solar journey through their seasons.

Because this is a regionally-derived celebration, it speaks specifically to the terrestrial life visible there at this time, determined by its latitudinal position on the earth and hence the seasonality it experiences from that positionality.  Naturally, very different locales with very different orientations to the sun and its light will have their own annual, regional observances to align with, which may or may not mesh well with what derives from a very particular place.  Some in such places might welcome Brighid back to the land when the phenomenon is witnessed where they are, whenever during the year that happens, while others may wish to keep to the religious observance of the Wheel of the Year dates wherever they dwell.

Lastly, some pagans and polytheists choose to align their observance of this so-called Cross-Quarter Day by celestial reckoning on that day on which falls exactly between solstice and equinox, usually around 3 or 4 February.  This timing also aligns with one of my personal favorite modes of holiday reckoning, by Stone Time: when the beams of the rising or setting sun illuminate the inner chambers of stone chambered cairns dotted around the Irish and Scottish landscapes.  Though they dated to the megalithic period, far earlier than when the Celts arrived with their cultural lifestyle and agrarian calendar, the Celtic Fire Festivals are all marked by one or more of these stone chambers, showing that recognition of these annual moments, and their importance to the peoples of those lands, predates the Celts and is part of a very deep ancestral tradition.  I resonate especially with the imagery of the sun illuminating these chambers as a Brighidine devotee because it symbolizes to me the Light of Brighid shining into my soul, illuminating the chamber of my heart center, and so filling me with illumination.

The ultimate answer is, which religion or tradition one follows, or which personal inclination speaks best to one, determines when it is best for one to celebrate, as all the above scenarios have differing reasons for so doing.  And of course, some groups choose to observe on a weekend closest to the holiday itself for the simple convenience of celebrants and attendees.  I will share my Imbolc observance posts here to be ready for those celebrating as early as 31 January, and of course they may be used at whatever ritual timing is deemed most suitable for the reader.

Brighid Bless!

Imbolc Advent 2017: Fourth Sunday


Welcome to the Fourth Sunday of Imbolc Advent.  We resume our forest walk together now to the final shrine on the path to the Well, the shrine of Brighid the Smith.

Brighid the Smith , the third of the triad of sister goddesses glossed by Cormac in 10th century Ireland, along with Brighid the Poet and Brighid the Healer, is honored today variably as the fire of the transforming forge, the smith who fashions and creates, She who shapes our souls, and the Starsmith of the Heavens.  The Irish film about Brighid which I shared in the first week’s addendum post talked about Brighid the Smith as a kenning for the creative Earth, which forges and shapes all life. She was also discussed as a bringer of civilization by way of one of Her first forge creations– the cauldron.  Forged from metals mined from deep within the land, they are transformed by fire into a vessel which itself affects transformation, that of raw food to cooked, fresh herbs into healing brews.  In this way, there is a mirroring of the patterns of creation and transformation, from the original cauldron of the Earth which transforms the seed into plants for consumption, to the forge’s fire which transforms raw ore into the cauldron, to the cauldron itself which then transforms the harvested grains and vegetables into nourishment.


The transforming fire of the forge itself mirrors the transforming fire of the Cosmos in the form of stars, many of which go through cycles of formation, growth, and explosion, thus creating fresh gas clouds from which new stars are formed.  The Cosmic forge has its twin in the Earthly forge of its fiery core.  The forge of the smith mirrors both Cosmic and Earthly forges, all three being forces of Creation.  It is this great power which Brighid the Smith puts us in touch with.  As Life is forged and created anew within the cauldron of the land, we are all brought close to this energy, which can move and manifest through each of us as well.  As we dance with this great power, we may then channel its creativity in unique ways which can bring nourishment to all Life, as does Brighid Herself.


(Art by Joanna Powell Colbert)

Seat yourself comfortably now, and light all four of your small candles.  Ring your bell and intone, “BREEEEEEE—-ZHUUUUUHHH.”

Speak aloud the opening attunment prayer:
“Holy goddess Brighid, Mother of all Life,  Kindle They Flame in our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Peace.
We offer Thee our loving care for all Thy children, all our Kin.”

Pour out the milk offerings to Her:
“Holy Brighid, Mother of all Life, as You nourish our souls with your cosmic elixir, we pour out sweet milk to you in honor and gratitude and love.”

Slowly, and with full presence, read aloud this prayer-poem:

Forging Finer Metal
Barbara Ardinger

Bright Blessed Lady,  source of the craftsman’s fire–
shoot your holy flame into my hands
into my heart
into my eyes and ears.
Bless me with your light.
I want to work in your forge,
I want to dance and sing for you,
and so I pray to you.
I want to forge finer metal to shine like you.
I want to bear my opening heart into a world that must be healed,
a word whose light, like yours, has been put out.
I want to find the flames of your wisdom
in myself.
Bright Blessed Lady, assign me to work in your forge
so that every bit of gold and good in me
rises up
to the magic.
Make me taller. stronger, keener,
make me a finer metal
so that I can defend you from those who would put out your light

This week, I’d like to invite you to engage the rising creative energies of the awakening land by getting out onto it yourself, and letting it move you through building earth mandalas on the land.  These may be simple offerings:


or more involved, which might even include your advent candles:


The challenge will of course be to use what your seasonal and regional landscape provides you with, and listen for their whispers to inspire you to shape them into an offering of sacred art.

For those unable to get out or create such art in their landscapes, climates, or weather, you are invited to print out and color this Celtic mandala featuring Brighid’s solar cross and Her Fire of Creativity:


This contemplative playlist on youtube called “When Spring returns,” featuring music of the harp, can accompany your sacred creative work:

As you listen and create, contemplate what sacred creations you might offer to nourish Life throughout the coming year…

How does the power of creativity manifest in me?
How are our souls close to the power and point of universal creativity?
What is Brighid inspiring me to create at this time?
How does the power of creativity nourish the world?
How does what I am inspired to create nourish Life?

As we edge closer to Brighid’s return to the land, we come closer to Her vast creative power, ever-present in the Cosmos, and awakening again in the Earth and our souls.


End your rite of creativity with a final ring of the bell, and this prayer:
“Holy Brighid, walk with us and light our way.”

In a few days, I will share a contemplative Imbolc ceremony for welcoming Brighid back to the land, and inviting Her into your hearth and heart.


Prayer-poem, Forging Finer Metal from Goddess Ink’s anthology, Brigit: Sun of Womanhood

Brigid statue from, will be available for purchase early February (and I want one!):


Imbolc Advent 2017: Third Sunday


Welcome to the third Sunday of our Imbolc Advent.

We walk together now through this sacred forest to the third shrine to Brighid, to Brighid the Foster-Mother.  Please have your candles and milk offering ready to hand.

The lore of Brighid the Foster-Mother comes from Scottish Gaelic tradition in which a tale is told about St. Brighid being the daughter of an innkeeper in Bethlehem who ends up assisting in the birth of the Christ child.  The concept of fosterage is rooted in the Gaelic tradition in which children were sent to live with relatives and other clan members for a number of years, to hep foster strong clan bonds.  The relationship between the foster-parent and foster-child was considered to be close and affectionate, often superseding that of the natural parent and child.  In Peter Vallance’s article, The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition, The Festival of Imbolc, he writes, “Fosterage was a common affair amongst the ancient Celts and carried on for some considerable time amongst the Highlanders and Islanders of West Scotland. The bond between foster-parent and foster-child was regarded as being stronger and more important than the bond between natural parent and natural child. One Highland proverb says, “Fuil gu fichead, comhdhaltas gu ceud.”, blood to the twentieth, fostership to the hundredth. Other names given to Brighid are Muime Chrisda, foster-mother of Christ; Bana-ghistidh Mhic De, god-mother of the son of God. Christ is referred to as Dalta-Bride, foster-son of Brighid; Daltan Bride, little fosterling of Brighid, a name which is still used as a term of endearment in some Gaelic speaking parts of Scotland.”  Also, in a medieval Irish poem to Brighid, Brigit Búadach, She is referred to in one line as, Mumme Goídel, rendered in modern Irish as Muime na nGael, or, the Foster-Mother of the Gael.  In this sense, She is honored as Foster-Mother of the Gaelic peoples, which we might also extend today to the Gaelic diaspora.

In a more primal, animistic sense, we might understand Brighid, a goddess of Fire Mysteries, as the Original Fire, Sun.  As Sun, Brighid is not our terrestrial mother as we might consider Earth, the Land to be, but is the great force which nourishes and perpetuates all life on earth, while symbolically serving as the Great Mother of that force which animates, enlightens, and illuminates our souls.  Hers is the Great Torch which lights our spiritual journey as we walk our various spirit paths, and pours wisdom, insight, and intuition into us.  She looks after us, or fosters us, body and soul, as Mother of All Life, an agent of growth both physical and spiritual.  She might also be envisioned as the Great Fire within the body of the earth, enlivening all earthly beings.  In the healing tradition of Reiki, meaning in Japanese, universal life force energy, this force can be understood and engaged with as the nurturing Light of Brighid from a great star as the heart of the universe itself which fills us and leads us to Satori, or Enlightenment.  Through this lens, we can pray to Her and meditate with Her daily as a spiritual practice of illumination, understanding how we too, like Her, can be agents of nourishing and supporting All Life.


(Image: Brigid, by Sharon McLeod)

Seat yourself comfortably now, and light your first, second, and third small candles.  Ring your bell and intone, “BREEEEEEE—-ZHUUUUUHHH.”

Speak aloud the opening attunment prayer:
“Holy goddess Brighid, Mother of all Life,  Kindle They Flame in our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Peace.
We offer Thee our loving care for all Thy children, all our Kin.”

Pour out the milk offerings to Her:
“Holy Brighid, Mother of all Life, as You nourish our souls with your cosmic elixir, we pour out sweet milk to you in honor and gratitude and love.”

Recite this prayer written to Brighid the Foster-Mother, from the Sassafras Grove of the ADF:

Foster Mother Invocation to Brighid: Sassafras Traditional

Siul Linn, a Bhríd (“Shool Leen, a Vreezh,” Walk with us, Brighid)

Hail Brighid, Foster Mother of us all

Teacher, Guide and Nurturer

Whose love and training aid us on our path

Your teaching turns our ignorance into wisdom

Your guidance turns our helplessness into strength

Your nurturing turns our weakness into a zest for life

Radiant Goddess, receive us into your nurturing arms that we might strengthen and grow

Fairest of Guides, take our hand that we might learn your ways of wisdom and power

Brighid, Foster Mother of us all, Siul Linn, a Bhríd.

(Diana Paar et al.)

Listen to this lovely chant by Katy Taylor, Mother, from her album, Welcome Brigid:


As the tune resonates about you, contemplate these questions:

How does Brighid light my way and guide my spiritual growth?

What spiritual paths does Brighid illuminate for me to follow?

How may I nourish all Life as Brighid the Sun of Life does?

As you finish your meditation, either allow your candles to burn themselves out, or extinguish them.  As you put out the flames, or walk away as they burn down, take them into your heart and bring them with you throughout your day, and recall them each morning as you rise, asking Brighid to guide you this week in nourishing All Life, feeding your spirit, and growing in wholeness and divinity.

End the rite with a final ring of the bell, and this prayer:
“Holy Brighid, walk with us and light our way.”


The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition, The Festival of Imbolc:

Brigit Búadach:

Foster Mother Invocation to Brighid: Sassafras Traditional:



Imbolc Advent 2017: Second Sunday


Welcome to our Second Sunday Imbolc Advent.

Have on hand your advent candles, a means to light them, and your milk offering.

This Sunday, we walk quietly together down the pine-fragrant forest path to the next shrine, to honor Brighid the Healer.

Let us contemplate the meaning of healing as we walk.

We often think of healing as curing physical ailments, and to be sure, this is an important aspect of healing so we maintain our ability to fully engage with the world.  Sometimes we think of healing as resolving a dis-ease of body or mind, physically or psychologically, and event which takes place in a given moment in time, indicating the body or mind is once again ‘at ease.’  Certainly, we function best when our dis-eases are fully resolved.  Other times we think of healing as out of reach, if we are suffering from a chronic physical or mental condition which cannot be cured or resolved at one moment in time.  And sometimes that cure or resolution is a long way out from where we are, and a hard road to walk until it is achieved.  When we do reach these goals, we celebrate.

In the spiritual sense, healing is an action and state which is ongoing, as a cure for the dis-ease of disconnected, unconscious being and living.  Spiritually, we enact and engage in healing when we connect with the cosmic energies of Land and Sky so that they flow through our being, become aware of and begin to cultivate virtues of the heart in our lives, and choose our actions carefully and thoughtfully in order to bring blessings to all Life.  We also experience healing as an integration of whole-ing, when the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves reconnect with both Cosmic Land and Sky, as well as each other.  One way we can foster this integrative, whole-ing healing is through Sacred Song and Chant, which invites the body to both actively create and receive resonance, the mind to focus on the numinous beyond itself, the heart to open, and the spirit to center in Presence and drink deeply.  Sacred song and chant provide a kind of subtle energy food for our whole beings which supports ongoing holistic health both spiritually and physically.  Like a tuning fork, the sounds moving through our beings realign us with cosmic forces, and reintegrate our fractured selves to promote vitality throughout us.

Episcopal priest and author Cynthia Bourgeault recounts a tale of monks in a French monastery in her book, The Wisdom Way of Knowing, who were once told to suspend their regular practice of daily Gregorian chant in order that they might have time for more productive pursuits.  Shortly after, one by one, they fell sick with an ongoing, mysterious illness the resident physician could not understand.  Finally a visiting physician learned of their suspension of chanting as the biggest recent change to their routines, and directed the abbot to reinstate it immediately.  As soon as he did, the monks began to recover and heal.  The resonance of sacred sound moving through us as we sing or chant with presence and centeredness fosters integration within us, and cultivates physical as well as spiritual health and well-being, just as does nourishing food, clean water, and fresh air.  Ms. Bourgeault tells us, “What meditation accomplishes in silence, chanting accomplishes in sound: it wakes up the emotional center and sets it vibrating to the frequency of love and adoration while feeding the body with that mysterious higher “being food” of divine life.”  Divine in this case refers to that which encourages us to serve Life rather than our personal egos, that which calls to and fosters our greater selves in connection with all beings.

Seat yourself comfortably now, and light your first and second small candles.  Ring your bell and intone, “BREEEEEEE—-ZHUUUUUHHH.”

Speak aloud the opening attunment prayer:
“Holy goddess Brighid, Mother of all Life,  Kindle They Flame in our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Peace.
We offer Thee our loving care for all Thy children, all our Kin.”

Pour out the milk offerings to Her:
“Holy Brighid, Mother of all Life, as You nourish our souls with your cosmic elixir, we pour out sweet milk to you in honor and gratitude and love.”

Our walk to the shrine of Brighid the Healer will take us to Brighid’s healing well in Cill Dara, Éire, or Kildare, Ireland, seat of Her Perpetual Flame.  Here is a video of a quiet walk around the grounds there, leading to the Round Well.  Along the way, part-way into it, you will see a straight path of several upright stones in grass leading to this well.  It is traditional to stop and pray at each of these, as in a sacred pilgrimage, on the way to the well.  The film-maker doesn’t pause at them, but does walk slowly.  At each one, you are invited to recite a line from this adapted traditional prayer from Iona, to settle yourself in peace.  Settling into, and abiding in peace also cultivates the holistic healing of integration and whole-ing, by bringing the scattered energies of our selves back to centered Presence.  Recite these five lines at each of the five stones as you see them, or pause the video at each for a longer moment:

Deep peace of the running wave be with us;
Deep peace of the flowing air be with us;
Deep peace of the quiet earth be with us;
Deep peace of the warm sun be with us;
Deep peace of Brighid the Healer be with us.

Upon arrival at the Round Well, as the camera peers down inside it, observe how the Well is the meeting place in this plane of the nourishing underworld and the vitalizing heavens as water rises up, and sunlight shines down.  Similarly, within us, in the framework of the Irish inner Cauldrons, the Cauldron of Vocation in our rib-cage/heart center is the meeting place of the rising bodily/earthly energy of the Cauldron of Warming in our pelvic center, and the shining down of the spiritual/stellar energy of the Cauldron of Knowledge in our cranial center. When cosmically connected and integrated, the soul knows its true vocation is to serve Life, to bring healing everywhere.  Envision taking a cool drink from this well at this moment of the video, and feel it refreshing and integrating your whole being.

Click on this link to take the Well-walk:


Now centered in peaceful Presence, let us share sacred song.  This song, Lady of the Flowing Waters, sings of the goddess of all life, reminding us of both Brighid’s presence in the healing well, and Her return as the growing and strengthening sun to the land at Imbolc to re-vitalize all beings.  Here are the lyrics:

Lady of the shining star
Lady of the moon light
Lady of the dew wet dawn
Lady of the twilight

[Chorus:] The goddess is in everything
In every form of nature
The goddess is in everything
In every form of beauty

Lady of the flowing waters
Lady of the mountain
Lady of the flowering meadows
Lady of the forest

[Chorus:] The goddess is in everything
In every form of nature
The goddess is in everything
In every form of beauty

Follow this link to the song, and focus on the feeling of your voice resonating through your whole being, bringing you integration, wholeness, healing.  Listen and sing as many times as you feel called to:

When you finish, abide quietly awhile in the resonance your voice produced, to allow your whole being to luxuriate in, and fully absorb its energy.  Contemplate these questions:

What is true healing?

What does my soul need at this time to bring it to wholeness?

What does the world need at this time to bring it to wholeness?

How does Brighid inspire me to work towards wholeness both within myself and in the world?

How is the power of wholeness healing?

As you finish your meditation, either allow your candles to burn themselves out, or extinguish them.  As you put out the flames, or walk away as they burn down, take them into your heart and bring them with you throughout your day, and recall them each morning as you rise, asking Brighid to guide you this week in seeking, practicing, and fostering integrating/whole-ing/healing in your everyday life, and through your own process of spiritually healing, serving all Life.

End the rite with a final ring of the bell, and this prayer:
“Holy Brighid, walk with us and light our way.”


First Sunday Addendum


I just watched this morning a fascinating video from Ireland detailing how the Irish conceive of and engage with Brighid as a neolithic mother goddess having adapted to the triple invasions of the patriarchal Celtic tribes, the monolithic Catholic church, and the colonization of the imperial English.  I am especially struck by the deep streak of animism evident here, as I conceive of and engage with Her in this manner myself.

I wanted to include this as an addendum to the First Sunday when we’re honoring Brighid the Poet to include the perspective of this program on this aspect of Hers.  Here, poetry is said to be a gift from the Sun, the earliest manifestation of Brighid.  In the beginning, they say, was the Word, a divine spark of inspiration.  Poetry was the manner in which the indigenous laws of the Irish were rendered, and Brighid is known in this regard as both poet and lawmaker.

In this, I see laws inspired by the great life-supporting power of Sun, and made to ensure the people remain in harmony, or right relationship, with all Life, in order to support Life and its life-supporting systems as does Sun.  During this week of Brighid the Poet, we might then contemplate what ‘cosmic laws’ we might consider keeping and supporting in order to ensure Life is honored, protected, and supported.

Irish philosopher John Moriarty wrote in prose heavily flavored by poetry, and remarked himself on the nature of nations and laws and harmony with all beings and ability to support life.  One of my favorite quotes is his:
“To Plato I say:
An Énflaith not a Republic, a thing too unetymologically and exclusively human to bring out the best in us. It doesn’t suit us. Worse, it doesn’t suit the Earth. And that, in the end, must mean Hell-Upon-Earth.”

The Énflaith in English is called ‘the Bird-Reign,’ and refers to an Irish mythic king who was known as the most just king in Ireland.  Moriarty postulates that his justice derives from his ecumenical right relationship with all beings from having been magically turned into a bird for a time, and that this relationship is what is needed in order for our laws and nations to truly be just.  True justice honors and supports all life, and lives in harmonious relationship with all beings.

This program suggests too that Celtic Brighid expresses this same sentiment, noting how the Celtic tribes worked Her into their mythic families by marrying Her to the Fomorrian prince Bres.  Later, their son was killed in a battle between their people, and Her caoin (English, ‘keen’), or cry at his death, was the first cry heard in Ireland.  Brighid as Leinster’s sovereignty goddess cared for the tribespeople so long as the chieftain, whom She ritually married, ruled justly.  Unjust rulers caused Her to revoke Her blessings of fertility, peace, and prosperity, however. To be unjust is to stand outside the cosmic order of harmonious right relationship, and cause upset to the balance which harmony and justice foster.  The seasons of the Sun also teach us balanced living, celebrated in Celtic holidays like Imbolc.  Brighid the Lawmaker reminds us that justice is a poetic virtue to be upheld in all our interactions.  Reflect this week on how you can bring the light of justice more fully into your life and the world.

Enjoy the program!

Imbolc Advent 2017: First Sunday


Now the spark of the new year is lit in the twin wombs of the cosmos and our souls, and we enter the Imbolc Advent season, to hold space as the spark grows to a flame, readying itself to light the world, our hearths, and our hearts.  We step now onto the pilgrim’ path of the Turas, the Spirit-Journey, to make our way together to the Blessed Grove of Brighid, wherein is found Her Healing Well and Sacred Flame.  There, and along the way, we will renew our souls and our world.

Please join me here for these four Sundays leading up to Imbolc to open our souls and prepare the way for the return of Brighid at Imbolc, Mother of All Life, who renews the land with Her growing Light.  During these four Sundays, we will honor and engage with four aspects of the goddess Brighid in contemplative meditation, around the four arms of the Brighid’s Cross: Poet, Healer, Smith, and Foster-Mother.  We will arrive then on Imbolc morn at Her Healing Well and encounter there Her Sacred Flame. To participate, prepare in your sacred space a shrine for Brighid (if you don’t keep one already) with an image of Her, four smaller candles in a pleasing arrangement, one larger central candle, a bell, and a small bowl.  Bring some milk for an offering and a lighter for your candles.  When you are ready, please make yourself comfortable there, and begin reading below.

Our feet softly tread the forest path together on trails fragrant with evergreen pine needles, cushioning and quieting our steps and filling the air with their resinous aroma.  This first Sunday we stop at the first wayside shrine and encounter and honor Brighid the Poet.  Poetry in the Irish tradition is received as Imbas, inspiration, a sacred gift from Brighid Herself.  Poetry, ritual, and music, speak the language of the Otherworld, and convey to our souls its perennial and enduring truths.  Our souls recognize this resonance of Fírinne, Cosmic Truth, and will align with it when given space and silence to do so.  When we remember Fírinne through poetry, we realign and harmonize with the Cosmos, and can then walk in Right Relationship with All Life.  At its highest, poetry, whether written or read or heard, reminds us of who we truly are, and the nature of our true belonging.


Just as this advent season begins in the darkness of womb, land, and cosmos, we envision ourselves now at the bottom of Brighid’s well, sitting in sacred darkness.

Light your first small candle.  Ring your bell, and entone, “BREEEEEE……ZHUHHHHHHHHH.”

Speak aloud the opening attunment prayer:
“Holy goddess Brighid, Mother of all Life,  Kindle They Flame in our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Peace.
We offer Thee our loving care for all Thy children, all our Kin.”

Pour out the milk offerings to Her:
“Holy Brighid, Mother of all Life, as You nourish our souls with your cosmic elixir, we pour out sweet milk to you in honor and gratitude and love.”

Now slowly read aloud the following poem, Bridget’s Well by Richard Kearney, taking a full breath between lines, letting its essence resonate within your being, speaking Truth to your soul:

I will rest now at the bottom of Bridget’s well

I will follow the crow’s way

Footprint by footprint

In the mud down here

I won’t come up

Until I am calmed down

And the earth dries beneath me

And I have paced the caked ground

Until smooth all over

It can echo a deeper voice

Mirror a longer shadow

Then the fire may come again

Beneath me, this time

Rising beyond me

No narcissus-flinted spark

Behind closed eyes

But a burning bush

A fire that always burns away

But never is burnt out

Take a moment to let the poem fully settle and resonate within you.  If you like, journal any insights, truths, or teachings you receive.  As you reflect, also consider, how in touch with you with the Cosmic Truth of Harmony that is Right Relationship with all beings?  How does Brighid inspire you to use sacred words to support all Life?  How might you begin to restore the light of Harmony in the world?  Sit in silence, and invite the in Imbas of  Brighid to illuminate your soul.

Finish your meditation listening to this tune by Damh the Bard called Brighid.  The lyrics are on the site for you to read:

If you are able, and have enough candles to replace them as you go through the advent season, let the candle burn down on its own.  Otherwise, extinguish the flame at this time.  As you put out the flame, or walk away as it burns down, take the flame into your heart and bring it with you throughout your day, and recall it each morning as you rise, asking Brighid to guide you this week in listening for Truth, and restoring Harmony to the world.

End the rite with a final ring of the bell, and this prayer:
“Holy Brighid, walk with us and light our way.”



My morning devotions to Brìde are often performed in my kitchen at a simple shrine I keep for Her beside my stove, my home’s hearth.  I love the wrought-iron candle holder I use, as it reminds me of Her connection with smithing and fashioning with the fire of Her forge.  I also love the corn dolly I stand beside it as a representation of Her.

The corn dolly is traditionally made as a celebration of the harvest when the corn is brought in.  The husks of the corn are first dried to preserve them, then soaked to render them temporarily pliable, then fashioned into a human form and left to dry to hold their shape.  This particular corn dolly holds a wee, colored rose, also made of corn.

In this corn dolly image of Brìde, I see Her cycles alive as meaningful symbols of our vital cyclic reality.  The corn husks remind us of the Life given to us as nourishment, as well as the death of the plant in that giveaway, that offering to us.  This death also reminds of the restful time that comes after harvest, when the seed falls into the tomb/womb of the land, to sleep and incubate through the dead season of winter, the promise of life hibernating within the seed husk.

And, She holds a rose.

The rose reminds us of the flowering of Life, its bright vitality, its sweet perfume, its alluring beauty, later to become a round hip, a potent medicine– altogether another kind of giveaway and offering.  While the corn represents physical nourishment, the rose symbolizes spiritual nourishment.  In this way, the rose is like the Fire in the Head of the poets, or the Flame in the Heart of devotees.  Brìde’s Flame feeds and sustains our souls with Her spiritual light and medicine.

Like corn, it provides for us best when taken as daily fare.

Mar a bha, mar a tha, mar a bhitheas gu brath.

Attunement Prayer


In my journey with Contemplative Brighidine Mysticism, I am inspired by other traditions and paths which have already-established forms and practices.  Lately, I am inspired by Lady Olivia Robertson, the deceased founder and high priestess of the Fellowship of Isis.  She wrote an attunement prayer to Isis for FOI practitioners to recite at given times to attune to both Isis and one another as a far-flung spiritual community in communion with their goddess.  Based on her form and concept, I offer this attunement prayer to Brighidine devotees everywhere wishing to both commune with Brìde’s Light and connect from a distance with one another.

I myself recite this prayer around 6am on weekday (M – F) mornings in my Pacific Standard Time zone (UTC – 8), if you’d like to connect with me, and at variable times on weekend mornings.  Ideally this might be done before a Brìde shrine with time for meditation and contemplation to follow.  Myself, I light my candle at my hearth shrine beside my stove as I boil water for my morning tea, follow it with a rotating daily prayer (more to come about these!), and spend my breakfast time in contemplation of the daily prayer’s themes, as this is what these busy mornings allow me.  On slower weekend mornings, I sit before my bedroom Brìde shrine and take time to quietly commune.

These moments of contemplation and communion are then concluded with a closing prayer which is a fragment of Gaelic prayer found in the Carmina Gadelica, another source of inspiration for me as I wend my way along this journey.  This fragment I find to be a lovely prayer in and of itself, invoking both the timelessness of the Otherworld as the Ground of Being for all life, and Otherworldly awareness of such attunement and offering and contemplative being as existing in timeless space, and so ever-present, ever-informing, and ever-inspiring, as the Ground of the Timeless Journey.

Feel free to note below in your comments if you are inspired to take up this prayer and practice, and whether you are attuning with me during my prayer time, or if you will be praying in your time zone at another time during which other devotees might spiritually connect as a contemplative Brighidine community.  I would love to keep my fellow devotees in my mind and heart as I pray and commune.  Brìde Bless!

Attunement Prayer

Holy goddess Brìde (BREE-zhuh),

Mother of all Life,

Kindle Thy Flame in our hearts.

Grant us, Thy children,

Love and joy, wisdom and peace.

We offer Thee our loving care for

All Thy children, all our kin.


After your moments of contemplation and communion, conclude with this, and then extinguish your candle:

Closing Prayer

Mar a bha, (mahr ah VAH, meaning, as it was)

Mar a tha, (mahr ah HAH, meaning, as it is)

Mar a bhitheas gu bráth. (mahr ah VEES guh BRAH, meaning, as it shall be forever)


A wonderful chant in Gaelic to commune and internally connect with the Light of Brighid, by James Nicol of Contemplative Druidry. 🙂


I’m a Pagan Druid, happily placed in a tradition that values poetry and seership over dogma and system building. I experience my practice as a sort of poetry. In this poetry of practice, I am held in a compelling myth of origin, an ever-now origin, and I have found a new way of working with it.

My new collection of Fuinn (Ceile De chants in Scottish Gaelic) includes a very simple one which goes A Hu Thi (ah – hoo – hee) repeated over and over again. The Ceile De interpretation, a Celtic Christian one, is that this chant “represents the three stages of the unfolding of creation … A– the Great Mystery draws in its breath … Hu – that breath is breathed out, and creation is born from out of the Mystery … God becomes matter … Thi – the Divine nature, beingness and intention acts within…

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